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Stump Removal in Sandy Springs, GA

A tree stump in the middle of your yard is an eyesore, nuisance, and danger. Count on AAA Tree Experts to improve appearance and safety with stump removal in Sandy Springs, GA. Ours is a licensed, bonded, and insured company whose owner has more than 15 years of experience in the care and removal of trees and stumps. Request a free estimate for residential stump removal.

Get Rid of an Eyesore & Hazard with Stump Removal

That ugly stump poses multiple problems. First, there is the unkempt appearance it gives to your yard. Then, there is the nuisance factor of having to work around it to mow the grass and fertilize the lawn. Finally, you have the danger it poses to family members. Also, did you know that stumps provide food and shelter for insects? It is true. All of these problems are serious reasons to have our company provide you with stump removal service.

Stump Removal in Sandy Springs, GA

Problem-Solving with Stump Removal Service

We have a certified arborist from the International Society of Arboriculture on staff. The certification means that he has the schooling and experience to care for trees properly. This includes removing the stumps left after a tree has been cut down. One of the primary considerations in stump removal is ensuring that enough of the tree roots have been taken out to prevent continued growth. This requires knowledge of the best ways to remove a stump, as well as the proper equipment.

Our company consistently receives five-star reviews on HomeAdvisor. This means that we perform a wide range of tree services, such as stump removal and grinding to your satisfaction. Ask us to look over your yard and propose a solution for the problem of unwanted tree stumps.

The Solution: Effective Stump Grinding

We recommend stump grinding to our customers who want to get rid of that stump once and for all. With this procedure, we put our stump-grinding machine to work. It literally shreds the stump into small chips. What makes it most effective is that this machine chews up the stump, as well as the roots, to a depth of 8 inches to 10 inches underground. This is enough to keep the tree from growing back. Part of our stump grinding service includes providing you with the wood chips left after the stump and roots have been removed. This makes wonderful mulch to spread on your garden or walkways.

Contact us today to remove tree stumps, their roots, and the problems they pose. We serve customers in Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Marietta, Chamblee, and Dunwoody, Georgia.